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A Casa Théodora

Tucked away in a green gem in the heart of the picturesque village of Muro, a few miles from Calvi and Ile-Rousse, the Casa Theodora hotel is the most autenthique and magical of charming hotels...


Patrimmonio Festival

International Guitar Festival of Patrimonio, Corsica.

Calvi On The Rocks

Annual electronic music festival held in Calvi (Corsica).

Festivoce in Pigna

In the most beautiful baroque architecture Balagna and around the village of Pigna, the most beautiful voice of the world meet through time and space.

Tourist office

Historical, tourist and practical informations.

Restaurants and outings

Tao By

To resume in chorus with Jacques Higelin "La ballade de chez Tao"...

Restaurant U Libecciu

Shifted atmosphere and refinement of the table...

A Siesta Beach

To enjoy beautiful plates at the foot of crystal clear water...

Restaurant la Bodega

Being in a warm atmosphere for a good meal or just to enjoy a good cocktail...

Sports et leasures

Saleccia Park

By the sea, near Ile Rousse, visit an exceptional site of 7 hectares of Corsican vegetation and Mediterranean staged by a landscaper.

Arbo Valley

Dive into the heart of the Corsican soul, authentic and wild land where villages proud watching from the top of their capes, their fertile valleys oft coveted.

In Terra Corsa

With friends, family or groups, fabulous walks along the creeks and beaches Agriate desert.

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